digi-promotion, as they name implies, is a website for promoting your digital products for all the world to see. Think of it as a global marketplace where you can advertise to your audience and potential clients in the future. We help companies, especially start ups, get a leg up in their marketing area without putting a major dent in their budget.

We also do product reviews to tell our readers which products are good buys and which ones to avoid. Our recommendations are based on the expert opinions of our resident tech experts who know a lot about digital products and gadgets to spot a really good one.

We are an open market place. Anybody can post their products here, as long as it is not offensive to anybody, and does not pose a threat to anyone or anything. digi-promotions reserves the right to reject any such products or services which come across our table. We are very strict with this provision. This is our way of protecting our readers from potentially dangerous and/or malicious products.

We are looking to partner with any individual or group who wish to promote their products with us. You may initiate the process by getting in touch with our customer support team, who are standing by to hear from you.