The 3D Scanner is Here

HP will introduce a hybrid device which is a 3D Scanner. Sure, we all have heard of a 3D Printer, which is slowly becoming a household name as the years progress. During its early stages, 3D printers were used for tiny objects which were relatively ‘easy’ to build from one source material. But recently, some engineers have developed a 3D printer which uses concrete as ‘printing’ material.

How cool is that? Imagine creating your designs on the computer, and have the actual pieces ‘built’ using a 3D printer. It may seem far-fetched to some, but it has been done. Some creative engineers built a life-sized replica of a castle by 3D-printing each panel needed and then assembled on site. This show us that the only limit to what could be 3D printed is our imagination.

Going back to the 3D Scanner, it somewhat works in reverse of what a 3D printer does. It has a ‘scanner’ panel which looks like a projector light which takes a still image of the object to be scanned. It then creates a wireframe of the images and renders the final image. The user can then use the image in a software program as input or a model.

This is a great leap from 2D or flat scanners which can only take still pictures, and the source has to be flat as well. With the 3D scanner, you can use an actual object you want to replicate as the model and get an exact copy of said object. This will save graphic designers and animators a lot of time and speed up the design process altogether.

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