PowerSight Underwater Drone

Drones are now the new toy for the boys in this new millennium. The popularity of the high-flying image-capturing, video-shooting, eye-spying drones make them one of the most sought after gadget for the upwardly mobile. Now almost every wedding photographer has to have a drone shot for the wedding video, or take an aerial shot of the scenic landscape around. As more and more drones are manufactured, the cost is slowly going down to factor in competition.

There is a new kid in town, though. Introducing, the underwater drone. Whereas the first drones were designed to take airborne images and videos, the new variation is designed to take images and videos of underwater seascapes. The Underwater drone is deployed in the water and the images captured is beamed to a smartphone or a laptop. The images are clear and sharp, thanks to the device taking advantage of 4G connections for better resolution and speed.

The applications of such an underwater drone is plentiful. Now, people can do underwater exploration and enjoy the view without having to go deep sea diving. What was possible in science fiction movies decades ago is now hard reality. This is how far we have gone with our technological innovations and advances. What will tomorrow’s tech engineers and designers think of next. Do you have any ideas? Why not work on them and see if your ideas will sell. Who knows, it could be the next big thing in tech of the future.

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