Hands Off with Kura

Kura is a wandering security camera attached to a robot with artificial intelligence built into it. The device can go on autonomous mode and explore/navigate the area set in its parameters. It can also be used as a standard security camera, with the added advantage of portability and adaptability built into it.

The Kura can be programmed to be as interactive as possible. It could be controlled to act as a messenger, do errands, deliver mail, charge the batteries on your multiple gadgets. It could aslo do those things independently, as long as you put it in the right mode to function that way.

In the future, you may be able to assign it more serious tasks, like roam around your home while you’re away, keeping an eye on the kids or your property while you’re away. It is practically a ‘security’ detail, rather than just giving you images as feedback, it does more than that. It could actually do something in response to a stimulus.

The application of such a gadget is certainly wide and varying. This could mean a better chance of seeing more of these little gadgets in the foreseeable future.

The developers and designers of the Kura dub it as a cyber nanny, although it could function as a nanny, it could do more than just that. Definitely a good investment in the future, in our humble opinion.

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